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Nom de la culture: Women in Maize IV_2023

La description: Female farmers engaged in primary production agriculture account for about 40% of the total labor force. These women, however, have difficulty accessing production resources (land, credit), agricultural extension services, and training and mechanization services compared to their male counterparts (Duncan, 2004). Research by UNDP 2018, has shown that making production resources accessible to female farmers will help them to increase yield by 20 to 30 percent. But this is not the case, access to credit, extension services and production resources (inputs) with few possibilities to expand land for agriculture are some of the limiting factors for production facing these women. Coupled with these, most women farmers have their farms located in more risk prone areas where the lands are marginal and fragile. Due to the peasant nature and the use of obsolete farming practices by these farmers, yield is very low. The exacerbating effect of climate change means that most farmers can no longer rely on their local knowledge of production. There is therefore the need to sensitize farmers on technology adaptation and validation. This will allow farmers to master the management skills required to intensify production. The whole goal and concept of this fundraising is to create jobs and reduce poverty among the minority group in the society, especially women, via input financing for female farmers. This falls in line with SDG goal 1 & 2 of job creation to reduce poverty and make food accessible in the country. This fundraising is geared to empowering these women farmers and aggregators to be more self-reliant.

Coût à l'Acre: GHȼ4680,00

Coût par Unité: GHȼ585,0

Operational Charge: 10,00%

Revenu estimé par Unité: 10,03% - 22,55%

Durée: 15th Aoû 2023 - 28th Fév 2024


  1. It's very important to note that the end date only serves as an estimation of the commodity's maturity. The harvesting and trading of the commodity typically takes one to three months. Therefore, payment will be made following the successful sale of the farm's produce. For further details, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

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