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Commodity Name: Cocoa Trade

La description: Cocoa, popularly known as the main component of Chocolate. It has the botanical name Theobroma cacao and is widely consumed across the world as chocolate bars or drinks. Did you know that Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire produce 60 -70% of the world's Cocoa? That means 60 - 70% of the chocolate you eat or drink is coming from Ghana where Grow For Me is headquartered. Now you have a wonderful opportunity to pay farmers well for the cocoa they produced, by participating in cocoa trades on Grow For Me. When you finance a cocoa trade, the money is used to purchase cocoa from farmers through the Ghana Cocoa Board (GCB). The GCB works with primary dealers to raise the needed money for purchasing cocoa from farmers. One of such amazing dealers is Obsidian Achernar (OA). We work with OA to fund the GCB with the needed money through the purchase of cocoa bonds via OB issued by the Bank of Ghana regularly. This is a government of Ghana guarantee bond and has successfully operated for the past nineteen (19) years. The bonds we purchase run for six (6) months. Now for the first time in history, you will be able to change the narrative of Africa not being able to fund its own, feed its own and buy its own. By playing an active role in cocoa trading in Ghana and Africa. Buy your first cocoa bag on or dial *800*008# Read more about Cocoa Board here:

Cost per Tonne: GHS1056

Frais de Service: 0%

Estimated Revenue per Tonne: 2.08% - 12.5%

Durée: 27th Déc 2021 - 30th Jui 2022

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