What is Growforme (G4M)

Grow For Me (G4M) - Now everyone can farm, without getting dirty! With a list of accredited farmers growing commodities in demand, Growforme, an Agri-tech digital platform enables investors/individuals to invest in a selected crop which will be grown at a given scale, enabling the investor to reap the rewards at harvest or sell and reinvest their produce to enlarge their portfolio.

We are your outsource African agricultural technology company that focuses on cultivating large scale farms on behalf of organizations and individuals. We use mordern technology and work with existing farmers. Our business model ensures we work with professional outgrowers to build capacity and expand their farms while we grow for you in Africa.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading outsourced farming business for individuals and organizations in Africa. Providing convenience and scalability in crop production while ensuring return on stakeholder equity. We will feed the African continent

Our Mission

By 2050 Africas population would have double from 1.2 to 2.2 Billion. Our mission is to feed the increasing population in Africa by adopting the most proactive, inclusive, effective and effecient farming strategy worldwide. We are your nextgeneration of farmers.

Our Story

With experiences in Agricultural Engineering, Machine Systems, Technology, Research and Soil and Water we decided to build this company when a friend of course proposed the idea to us. Today, we have turned the idea into a business.


Our business model ensures we work with professional or outgrower farmers to build capacity and expand their farms by growing crop for customer across the world.


Meet Our Team

From different backgrounds across the world, united by a common purpose to make food accessible across the continent, this unique team powers the operations and strategy of Grow For Me.

Nana Prempeh Agyemang
Chief Executive Officer

Nana is a high growth serial entrepreneur with experience in building businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana, he oversees the vision, and implementation of GFMA.

Francis Monnie
Chief Agronomist Officer

Proficient in handling agricultural issues and conducting research using engineering and technological principles, Farmer, writer and an entrepreneur.

Ganapathy Venkatchalam
Corporate Strategy

With over 17 years of experience in the field of Tech, finance and International Business Development. He also serves on the advisory board of the largest agro bank in India.

Kwame Bekoe
Business Development

Aviation executive specializing in sales and marketing with a passion for agriculture and interest in applications of emerging technologies.

Godfred Owusu
Chief Technology Officer

A passionate Entrepreneur & Technology Enthusiast, making the world a better place everyday by solving Technological problems everyday a step at a time.

Our Roadmap

  1. 1 to 3 Years: Cultivate 1000 Acres of crops and vegetables and onboard 100 Farmers
  2. 3 to 9 Years : Cultivate 2000 Hectors of crops and vegetables, onboard 1000 Farmers and roll out a Farmers Entrepreneurial School to train more business oriented farmers
  3. 9 to 20 Years: Cultivate 10,000 Hectors of Crops and Vegetables and have active farms across the African continent.


Our business model ensures we work with professional or outgrower farmers to build capacity and expand their farms by growing crop for customer across the world.



: +233 20 794 6144

: +233 50 456 1793

: growformeafrica@gmail.com

: No 10 Ga West Road, Near Happy Home Academy, Pokuase GW 0171-8794

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