This is how it Works

Follow the journey on how to start your own farm


Pick a Crop

Depending on how long you want to cultivate a crop, you can pick a crop covering (1 - 3 ), ( 6 to 12 ) months or Cocoa ( 1 to 5 ) years.


Pay and Monitor

Pay for the crop selected and begin to monitor the progress of your farm(s) each week our growforme dashboard.


Harvest & Sell

With a click of a button you can choose to sell or order for your crops. This is entirely your choice or decision.


Farm Again

You can appreciate the impact of your farm on the farming community and all the people who got involved. Now share your experience and get more people to farm on growforme platform.


Our business model ensures we work with professional or outgrower farmers to build capacity and expand their farms by growing crop for customer across the world.



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